Garden fireplace with barbecue



This is an excellent alternative to layed with stone garden fireplaces, which often can burst in winter- in case of our product this problem doesn’t exist.  In addition to preparing a meal and warm during the evening meetings on the terrace or in the garden, our fireplace also serves as a perfect complement of garden architecture.


Technical data

Height [mm]: 1700

Dimensions of the base [mm]: 500x500

Dimensions of the cooking grid [mm]: 400x400

Weight [kg]: 37

Fuel: wood/wood coal/briquette

Casing material: steel with thickness of 1,5 mm, powder coated 

Cooking grid material: stainless steel



  • Possibility of being used as either fireplace or barbecue
  • Adjustable cooking grid
  • Removable cooking handles
  • Made in Poland





PRODUCT CODE: 500.104.01